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Catford to Kincardine

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For hospital patients, having a specific goal is a hugely important part of rehabilitation. So when Iain Farquhar, a patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at University Hospital Lewisham, was about to cycle some miles on a Motormed exercise bike (which is lowered down over the patient’s bed) to help in his recovery, a particular destination seemed obvious.

Iain, 76, is a retired priest who lives in Catford but is originally from Kincardine in Fife, on the east coast of Scotland.

He was admitted to the ICU in January this year to receive treatment for intrabdominal sepsis. To help in his rehabilitation, physiotherapist Vera Wong and her colleagues set about making a map which covered the 430 mile journey from his current home to his home town.

Vera (pictured here with Iain) said: “The map mentions a few key places and some very recognisable landmarks along the route that Iain and his wife Helena, a retired physiotherapist herself, might see if they were doing the journey by car. Some patients respond better to progress you can measure in statistics, in this case miles covered, so having a map visible is something to really focus on. We have already promised Iain that if he is discharged before he reaches Kincardine we will take on the challenge of cycling the remaining miles in the gym ourselves.”

Since starting the cycling challenge, Iain has completed 27 miles and says that the project is helping him in his recovery: “The map is a simple but effective way to keep me working on my goals. It’s really nice to think of the places I’ll be seeing on my journey to Kincardine. Thank you to Vera and all of the staff in ICU who have taken such good care of me and continue to help me progress.”


Iain and Vera

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