Can you support our patients living with dementia? | News

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Can you support our patients living with dementia?

Our Patience Experience Team at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is asking staff, their families, friends, and local communities to help create twiddle muffs and fidget mats for patients living with dementia. 

Kate Hudson, Lead Dementia Nurse Specialist explained: "Sometimes our patients living with dementia can become restless, agitated, or anxious. Twiddle muffs and fidget mats can provide a source of visual, tactile, and sensory stimulation which can help reduce anxiety and increase wellbeing and relaxation."

How to make a twiddle muff  

A twiddle muff is a knitted hand warmer with sensory items attached. It contains strands of textured ribbons, beads and various fabrics which may be on both the inside and outside. If some of the bits and bobs – such as buttons, beads, tassels, and ribbons – are on the inside of the twiddle muff, hands can be kept active and warm at the same time.  

Here is the guide to making a twiddle muff.docx [docx] 153KB

Twiddle muff

How to make a fidget mat

Fidget mats are lap-top sized, can be quilted, knitted or crochet, and decorated with things to provide sensory and tactile stimulation, such as ​left-over wool, strings, buttons, zips, buckles, bells, fabric in different textures, soft toys, beads etc.  

Here is the guide to making a fidget mat.docx [docx] 297KB


For more information and patterns for the twiddle muffs and fidget mats, please contact the Patient Experience Team on 020 8333 3000 ext. 48647 or via email

Kate Hudson

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