Anaesthetics at University Hospital Lewisham

The Anaesthetic Department provides comprehensive anaesthetics and pain control services to patients during surgery, to women in labour and to those in acute pain.

Our anaesthetists work in Theatres, Intensive Care, the Emergency Department and on the Labour Ward.


The Anaesthetic Department is based at on the 2nd Floor of the Green Zone at University Hospital Lewisham.

Contact Details

You can contact the department via the hospital switchboard:

T: 020 8333 3000

What services do we provide?

Our anaesthetists provide a range of services, and offer the following types of anaesthetic:

  • A local anaesthetic – this is an injection which numbs areas of your body during an operation to stop you feeling pain. You stay awake with this type of injection.
  • A general anaesthetic – this is used for operations where you need to be unconscious while the procedure takes place.
  • An epidural – this is given during labour to provide pain relief and is an injection in the area below the spinal cord that numbs the lower part of the body.
  • Treatment for common chronic pain issues.

Who are the services for?

Our services are for patients who need pain control and relief during operations, for women during childbirth and for patients in acute pain. We see patients of all ages but very young babies tend to be referred for specialist treatment.

How can you access the service?

Most of our services will be accessed in the hospital but you can be referred to our pain services by your GP.