Visiting guidance

Visiting patients on wards

A maximum of two people may visit patients on both adult and children's wards at any one time. The exception to this is our maternity wards, where one person can visit during the day, and one person at night. Details of visiting times and who can visit are on our visiting times page.

Please do not visit if you:

  • have respiratory symptoms/Covid-19 symptoms
  • you have recently been in close contact with someone who has had Covid-19
  • you have vomited or had diarrhoea within 72 hours.

Accompanying patients in ED

In our adult Emergency Departments (ED) patients can be accompanied by one person. At times when the number of patients in our EDs is high, visitors will be kindly requested to give up seats and space for patients.

In our children's Emergency Departments, two parents/carers may accompany their child. However, when the department is very busy, we may ask one parent/carer to leave to make space for patients.

Accompanying patients to appointments

If you would like to have someone with you during your outpatient appointment, please bring one person only. In children's outpatients, two parents/carers may accompany their child.