Preventing infection at University Hospital Lewisham

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We've continued to improve our standards on infection control and have taken a full and active part in a range of initiatives and awareness campaigns to ensure continued excellence in this area.

A huge amount of work has taken place to tackle hospital acquired infections and we are proud that our hospital has been recognised nationally for its efforts. The Trust continues to be one of the best performing trusts in London for Clostridium difficile and MRSA infection rates.

How we have minimised the risk of infection so far

Our infection control initiatives have included:

Showcase hospital

University Hospital Lewisham was one of just ten hospitals chosen for a new Healthcare Associated Infections Technology Innovation Programme. The technology project aimed to develop and test new infection-beating products in hospitals and then provide support to introduce them across the NHS.

Clean your hands campaign

Our Trust was a key player in the NPSA's 'cleanyourhands' campaign. Through training, posters and by making handrubs accessible, all our staff are aware of how important it is to wash their hands properly before and after seeing patients to help stop the spread of infection.

Bare below the elbows

The Trust has introduced a bare below the elbows policy in all clinical areas. This is supported by a strict dress code, which insists clinical staff wear rolled up or short sleeves and do not wear wrist watches or jewellery on their lower arms (except a plain wedding ring or band).