How the Trust is performing

The Trust collects data each month to monitor how we are performing in key areas. See below for our most recently available figures. Further information can be found in the monthly Trust board performance report.

Performance against key targets

National standardDec 17Jan 18Feb 18Mar 18Apr 18
A&E: Trust overall86%83.3%85.6%83.7%87.6%
A&E: UHL86.9%86.7%89.2%87.1%90.3%
A&E: QEH85.4%80.8%82.8%81%85.5%
18-week referral88.64%88.9%88.7%88.1%88.2%
Cancer two-week wait93.7%96.1%96.3%96.6% 
Cancer 62-day wait73.4%83%78%80% 
Cases of MRSA00000
Cases of C difficile12213


The standards explained

A&E four-hour wait The national standard is that 95 per cent of all patients attending A&E should be treated, admitted or discharged within four hours.

18-week referral to treatment 92% of patients waiting to start elective treatment should have waited less than 18 weeks.

Cancer two-week wait 93% of urgent cancer outpatient referrals should be seen within 14 days.

Cancer 62-day standard 85% of patients should begin treatment within 62 days of being referred by their GP.

MRSA The Trust should have no cases of this hospital acquired infection.

C. difficile Cases of this hospital acquired infection should not exceed 39 cases per year.