End of Life Care

Front of Hospital

Nationally the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) was phased out in 2014 and replaced with individualised end of life care plans. 

On 28 April 2014 the use of the LCP was discontinued by Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and from this date the Principles of Care for Dying Patients have been used to support clinicians in the development of individualised end of life care plans and provision of high quality care. 

Summary of Principles

  • Provide prompts to support you in planning care for patients likely to be dying
  • Were developed in response to the Neuberger Independent Review of the LCP
  • Encompass all positive aspects of LCP, are less prescriptive aiding individualised care planning
  • Are for patients who are in the final days of life
  • Focus on individual needs of patients, their family and carers to plan care
  • Can be placed in patients notes as a reminder for care planning
  • Do not alter your relationship with the palliative care team

Site Specific Principles

Principles of care for dying patients at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (PDF)

Principles of care for dying patients at University Hospital Lewisham Hospital