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The Trust provides a wide range of gynaecology services at University Hospital Lewisham and in the wider community.

Services include a number of specialist women's health clinics, such as a Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic and Subfertility Clinic.

The Trust provides both inpatient and outpatient care, and benefits from a dedicated Women's Health Outpatient Department in addition to surgical care in the Riverside Building.

The Department is made up of a full range of gynaecology staff, including consultants, junior doctors and a nursing team.

What women's health services are available?

The Trust provides a wide range of general gynaecology and specialist services:

Where are these services located?

The majority of services are provided from the Women's Health Outpatient Department, situated on the ground floor of the Green Zone at Lewisham Hospital.

Surgical care is provided on Larch and Juniper wards, which are located on the 2nd floor of the Riverside Building (Orange Zone).


How can you contact the service you require?

Please call the Hospital switchboard on 020 8333 3000 and ask for the service you require.


What else do you need to know?

Below you will find specific information about individual clinics, including opening times, referral criteria and outreach locations.


Colposcopy Clinic

  • Referrals made following smear test results, via hospital review, family planning clinics and GP surgeries
  • Nurse led clinics are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Consultant led clinics are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • There is also an outreach clinic based in Baring Road which is held on Tuesdays

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Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit

Please state if:

  • Any blood tests or drugs prescribed in ED
  • If English is not spoken
  • If LMP is unknown or patient unsure and under 12/40 and 1st attendance to EPAU, please ensure HCG and progesterone is taken prior to attending

Clinic opening times:

0830-1200 (ED referrals), 0900-1100 (other referrals) Mon-Fri (excluding Bank Holidays).


Criteria for referral to EPAU:

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Previous ectopic pregnancy – with or without complications
  • Loss of liquor before 18/40
  • PV bleeding post delivery (SVD or LSCS), up to 6/52 post partum
  • If Clearview® positive in the past 2/52 but now negative with heavy pv bleed

Please ensure:

  • Pregnancy test done in ED if not done in the last 2/52
  • Urinalysis – please state results (if leucocytes and nitrites present, send for MC&S)

Please note:

  • Women >12/40 who have had their 1st scan DO NOT need a pregnancy test
  • A scan is NOT usually done unless a foetal heart beat cannot be heard with a Sonicaid®
  • Women who have had minor RTAs or minor assault can contact their Midwife or GP for further follow up
  • Women who have had a TOP (providing they are not pyrexial or heavy PV bleed) should be referred back to the clinic or hospital where the procedure was undertaken
  • If the patient has previously been seen in EPAU there is NO need for a new referral form to be completed for new problems with current pregnancy. Ask the patient to return to EPAU – please call ext 8751 ahead of patient arrival

Genuine Emergencies:

Any patient with cardiovascular instability SHOULD NOT be sent to EPAU, please contact the Gynaecology on call team via bleep (Reg 4000, SHO 4100).

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General Gynaecology Clinic

Conditions treated:

  • Menorrhagia
  • Fibroids
  • Prolapse
  • Amenorrhoea
  • Vulval conditions
  • Pelvic pain
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Polyps
  • Endometriosis

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Gynaecological Endocrine Clinic

Conditions treated:

  • PCOS
  • Hirsutism
  • Hypogonadotrophic
  • Hypogonadism
  • Other disorders of the hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian axis
  • Chromosomal abnormalities including Turners syndrome

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Hysteroscopy Clinic

  • Referrals made via hospital review and GP surgeries.
  • Clinics are held on Monday and Friday

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Menopause Clinic

Conditions treated:

  • Menopause
  • Bleeding on HRT
  • HRT
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vasomotor symptoms

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Rapid Access Clinic

For 2 - week wait proforma referrals made via hospital review and GP surgeries

Clinics are held on Monday all day. The morning clinic is a one stop consisting of consultation, gynaecology scanning and hysteroscopy. The afternoon clinic is for follow up results giving

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Recurrent Miscarriage

Conditions treated:

Specialist clinic review for patients suffering from recurrent miscarriages

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Conditions treated:

Fertility & reproductive medicine

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Conditions treated:

  • Utero vaginal prolapse
  • Urinary dysfunction
  • Insertion of pessary – specialist clinic available
  • Post-partum pelvic floor dysfunction – specialist midwife available
  • Procedures performed:
  • Urodynamic studies
  • Cystoscopy
  • Bladder biopsy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Endometrial biopsy
  • Pelvic floor repair
  • TVT

Services available:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Continence advisor
  • Nurse Specialist via pessary clinic
  • Specialist midwife

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