Virtual parent education

Edie the Emidwife is currently running virtual education classes for women. The recordings are available to watch below.

Labour and Birth

Midwives Aimee and Jemma cover the three stages of labour, pain relief, positions in labour, caesarean birth, birth plans and more.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Midwives Sarah and Suzy discuss ways to cope in uncertain times and how to look after your mental health in pregnancy and beyond.


Kerstin, our Infant Feeding Midwife, discusses the benefits of breastfeeding and offers advice on skin to skin, responsive feeding and positioning and attachment. This video also answers common questions such as ‘How do I know that my baby is getting enough?’

Bottle feeding

Kerstin, our Infant Feeding Midwife, covers how to safely make up a formula feed, responsive and ‘paced’ feeding, bonding and more.  

The Postnatal Period and Newborn Care

Midwives Zoe and Ana discuss what to expect after having a baby, and offer practical advice on bathing, changing nappies and safe sleeping.