Staff Awards 2018

The story of our 2018 Staff Awards

staff awards table 2018 Our staff awards this year were funded through the generous donations and support of our partners. Sincerest thanks to: Abbey Travel; Capsticks; CIS Security; G4S; Interserve, ISS Facility Services Healthcare; Meridian Hospital Company; Ravensbourne Health Services Ltd; and Vinci Facilities Management.

And to our fantastic judges who spent many hours considering the nominations and deliberating the winners, which was a very difficult task. Thank you to: Janet Lynch, Director of Workforce and Education and Deputy Chief Executive; Dr Elizabeth Aitken, Medical Director; Angela Helleur, Chief Nurse and Mike Davey, Staff Side Chair.

Long service awards

These awards recognise the incredible staff who have worked at our Trust, including legacy organisations, for over 25 years.  A staggering 850 years, 44,000 weeks, 310,000 days, covering almost every staff group, from theatre nurses to podiatrists, play support workers to clinical coding analysts. We’re so happy to be able to recognise, and celebrate their commitment, loyalty and contribution to our Trust. This year’s recipients were: Anita Abbott, Caroline Barker, Kathleen Bissmire, Ian Boylan, Paul Chance, Reverend Alfred Cooke, Sarah Cooke, Suzanne D'Agostino, Mike Davey, Surinder Dhesi, Nancy Firth, Melanie Frisby, Hilary Glyde, Sonya Halil, Susan Harrod, Deborah Hillyard, Emelda James, Lorraine Johnson, Christine Keeping, David Lindsay, Lorna Lumbley, Caroline Moloney, Patricia Nelson, Christinah Oke-Oyakhire, Lisa Richards, Cathy Roulson, Dr Tina Sajjanhar, Lisa Sallis, Angela Saunders, Jenny Sturt, Stephen Wager, Dawn Wishart, Velma Williams and Joyce Wood.

The Gabrielle Kingsley Memorial Award

This award is given in memory of Gabrielle Kingsley who was the Trust’s former Medical Director who sadly died in January 2016. She had a lifelong enthusiasm for striving for excellence in both training and service provision. The award is given to a doctor within Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust who has performed exceedingly well in terms of leadership, teaching and training in any patient-centered quality improvement project or clinical service delivery to a group of undergraduate, post- graduate or multidisciplinary individuals.

The 2018 recipient is Dr James Maguire. James worked for two years as a specialty registrar in General and Geriatric Medicine at QEH. He is the recipient of this prestigious award for working extremely diligently in both his clinical and non-clinical work, leading the icare merger between the two hospitals and always going beyond the call of duty for patients and supporting his colleagues.

The Anne Savage Award

Another special award which commemorates the life of Anne Savage who died of breast cancer in 1989 aged 44. Anne trained as a nurse at Great Ormond Street and worked there following her qualification. She became a Matron at Hawtrey’s School for Boys, a ward Sister at Savernake Hospital Marlborough and a trainee nursing officer at the Middlesex Hospital. The annual award is made to a doctor in training who has merited this award either by their personal achievements or contribution to hospital life.

This year’s winner is Dr Kawa Omar, Urology Specialty Registrar. Kawa contributed significantly to a wide range of quality and improvement projects, improving patient safety and facilitating multi-professional education within the urology department.

Commitment to Quality of Care

This award, sponsored by Interserve is for the individual or team who has shown exceptional commitment to: Providing high quality, safe and effective care – going ‘above and beyond'. Innovative use of resources to deliver excellent patient experience and being open and transparent in terms of our performance.

This year's winners were the Day Care Unit, QEH. "Despite how busy it is, the atmosphere on the ward is one of calm, where the focus of staff is always on the patients and their needs.  The morale and camaraderie of this team is truly exceptional."

Highly commended were:

Dr David Dewar, Consultant Gastroenterologist, UHL. Nominators said: "David’s commitment to providing a high quality, specialised gastrointestinal stenting service for patients has not gone unnoticed.  He always puts the patient first – even if it means coming in from annual leave to perform this highly skilled technique. His commitment, skill and care are inspirational."

Paediatric Domestic Team, Children’s Inpatient Ward, UHL. "The role our domestic team play in infection prevention and control by keeping our wards clean, hygienic and safe is never to be underestimated.  Nominated by Dr Jonathan Broad, who says “When the team are on the ward, they are kind to other staff, they are friendly and always go about their work with an energy and enthusiasm”.

Everyone Counts Award

Sponsored by Ravensbourne Health Services, this award is for an individual or team who has: been respectful of everyone’s views and gained patient and/or staff feedback to improve working practices or patient care. Been open minded and willing to change and do things differently and combatted harassment or bulling.

Winners were the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network (EDI). “The EDI team support the Trust to become a workplace that is accessible, inclusive and innovative, delivering fair and equitable outcomes
for staff, patients and carers. Nominator Janet Lynch explains: “Manisha Patel and the core members of the Trust’s EDI Network have put a huge amount of effort into promoting equalities and taking positive steps to act as champions for change.”

Highly commended were:

Crystal Baigent,Therapy Assistant Practitioner, Community Falls Service. Crystal was nominated by Vicky Shaw who describes her as “passionate about falls prevention exercise and the positive difference it can make in older people’s lives. Even those with very poor mobility are supported to make small changes which can make a big difference to their function, mood and self-confidence.”

Neil Obsioma, Interim Ward Manager, Ward 8 (Neonatal Unit), QEH: Neil has impressed his nominator Paul Angeles by always emphasising that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and empowering everyone to act by building the knowledge and skills of staff.  He uses his skills for the benefit of the unit and his tenacity in getting the job done is amazing. Dedicated, selfless and hardworking, he leads by example and is a tremendous role model.”

Excellence in End-of-Life Care Award

The award is for the individual or team responsible for: supporting the patient and their family or carers in the last months or days of life, to achieve a ‘good death’ - and - caring for the bereaved friends and family before and after their loved one has died.

The winners were: Ward 20, QEH: The entire team at Ward 20 were nominated by Dr James Maguire for consistently delivering very high standards of care. He said “their ability to deal sensitively and compassionately with patients at the end of life is inspiring”.

Highly commended were:

Anne McCoy, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Lewisham Community. Nominators said: Anne is part of a team that helps dying patients continue to eat and drink safely. Anne continually works for the benefit of her patients. She is completely unaware of how good she is. She is a credit to the team.

Cat Wilde, Lead Macmillan Paediatric Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, QEH: Cat has a can do attitude who will go to any extreme for her department, including jumping out of a plane – twice! Respected by her colleagues, Cat has the admiration of all the families she works with.

Improving Lives Award

This award is for the individual or team responsible for: Improving patient experience and\or staff experience.
 Supporting an excellent learner experience for staff in training – including junior doctors, student nurses or other staff in training. Supporting ‘survivorship’ quality of life for people living with cancer or a long term condition and promoting health and wellbeing of staff.

The winner is: Charley Zincraft, Physiotherapist, Adult Physiotherapy, UHL and Community: Charley is skilled as a therapist, she excels in her leadership and governance skills and always goes beyond her job description. Dr Jacqueline Simms who nominated Charley says “I have nominated her because she is always positive, enthusiastic and really deserves recognition for her enormous contribution”.

Highly commended were:

Administration Team, Alexis Clinic, UHL: Katherine Gantert who nominated this team credits them with being warm, welcoming, showing a genuine interest and working flexibly to meet patients needs.  Above all the team support one another and everything they do is in the best interests of patients.

Temporary Staffing team, QEH: This team coordinates over 6,500 shifts a week and has the huge responsibility of ensuring any staff shortfalls across both hospitals are covered. Their dedication to their work, colleagues, patients and the Trust truly deserves recognition.

Kate Granger Compassion in Care Award

Dedicated to the memory of Kate Granger, a Consultant Geriatrician who died of a rare cancer aged 34 on 23 July 2016. She was a campaigner for kindness and compassion in the NHS and was responsible for introducing the ‘Hello My Name is Campaign’ in 2013 to ensure that NHS staff always introduce themselves by name as the first step to building caring relationships with patients and their carers.

The winner this year was: Linda Croucher, Healthcare Assistant/Receptionist, Ambulatory Care Unit, QEH. “What can I say about Linda? She is absolutely amazing!” says Alex Taylor who works with Linda. “She is leaving us at the end of the year and I can think of no better way of sending her off than with a staff award.”

Highly commended were:

Leg Ulcer Team, Adult Community Services. Nominators commented: This new team have come together from different healthcare backgrounds and have all extended their knowledge base and practical skills.  Through the effective delivery of care, they have improved healing rates and reduced their patients' pain.

Wendy Robertson and Val Pybus, Housekeepers, Maternity Services, QEH: In an incredibly busy environment, Wendy and Val continue to contribute outstanding work despite the heat, noise and seeming chaos around them! Nominated by Terie Duffy who explains “they are both very hard working, down to earth women and without them I don’t know how we would survive!”

Partner Award

Sponsored by CIS Security, This award recognises the achievements of individuals and teams who work with us in partner organisations including: volunteers, cleaners, porters, caterers and other staff working at the Trust employed by partner organisations such as ISS, Vinci, Meridian, Abbey Travel, CIS Security, G4S, Capsticks, and Ravensbourne Health Services . We also include partner NHS and non-NHS organisations.

The award was won by Mohamed Belghomari, Security and Car Parking Manager, CIS Security. For the last eight years, Mo as he is known to all of us has been instrumental in site security and the safety of staff and patients. Nominated by John Currie for his insight, bravery and quick response to a crisis.  John says “Mo thoroughly deserves this award”.

Highly commended were:

Ken Berry, Porter, ISS, Emergency Department, QEH. Nominators said: Every day, Ken does his job with professionalism and humility. Ken is friendly, caring, reliable and hugely popular with patients and their families. He is an incredible example of what real patient care looks like.

Christine Stone and Marlen Strachan, Volunteers, Ward 14, QEH: Chris and Maz make sure lunchtimes on Ward 14 are a very lively and happy time, playing music and socialising with patients to create a wonderful atmosphere to encourage patients to eat. Justine Kelly who nominated them says “they are a shining example of why people volunteer and everyone who meets them cannot speak highly enough of them”.

Patient Safety Award

Sponsored by Meridian, this award is for teams or individuals whose innovative and creative initiatives have improved quality and made care safer for patients.

This year's winners are Lynn Bayes, Matron and Tracy Thomas, Lead Midwife, Birth Centre, UHL: Lynn and Tracy have been instrumental in the Birth centre receiving ‘beacon status’  and the national recognition that goes with it, regularly receiving fantastic feedback from women and their families and student nurses on placement. Lynn and Tracy ensure that the Birth Centre and the Trust are positively promoted and are very proud of the service.

Highly commended were:

Amy Collins, Staff Nurse, Critical Care, QEH. Nominators said: Within months of her arrival on the unit, it was clear that Amy was passionate about critical care, nursing and research. Sam Platt, who nominated Amy says: “Amy has built on her success by securing further funding and a secondment that will benefit not only her team, but our patients.”

Glenn Luff, Health and Safety Advisor, UHL and Community and Lee Parnell, Health and Safety Advisor, QEH: Glen and Lee have the primary task of looking after the health and safety of staff, patients and visitors, assessing 160 distinctly managed areas and training 2,000 staff each year. Nominated by their manager Michael Wright who says “the workload delivered by the two of them is phenomenal and the Trust would be a poorer and less safe place without them.”

Respect and Dignity Award

This award is for the individual or team responsible for: Actively engaging patients and carers to promote personal dignity in care. Actively engaging staff in decision making about their working lives at every level. Supporting our patients with dementia or a learning disability, or any communication difficulty, to be understood and have their wishes respected. Meeting the needs of patients with sensory impairment.

Winners were the Bromley Stroke Rehabilitation Team (BSRT), Community: The team provides rapid stroke rehabilitation services for patients in their own homes. All the staff are passionate about improving patient outcomes and work above and beyond their remit to ensure the very best care is delivered.

Highly commended were:

Jeanette Hassaine, Team Lead, School Health Service, Community: A school nurse for many years, Jeanette works with some of our most vulnerable children and young people. Nominator Frankie Campbell says “if anyone is looking for professional development, my best recommendation is to spend a morning with Jeanette.”

Voluntary Services, QEH and UHL: Our voluntary services team work tirelessly for the benefit of patients and staff throughout the Trust. From recruiting, guiding and mentoring the ever-growing community of volunteers to giving up their time for events this is a dedicated team going from strength to strength.  Joining the team on stage, representing our volunteers is our longest serving volunteer, Joyce Beardsley.

Working Together for Patients Award

This award is sponsored by G4S for the individual or team responsible for: Working creatively to secure benefits for local people with local people, for example The University of Greenwich, St Christopher’s Hospice, Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice, voluntary sector and community organisations - and - developing innovative ways of delivering education and training to individuals or teams.

Our 2018 winner is Dr Michela Groppo, Consultant Neonatologist, UHL. Michela is an inspiration to the trainees that work with her. So much so that many former trainees come back to the unit to do locum shifts to spend more time working with and learning from her. She displays outstanding clinical skills, strong communications skills and a commitment to accessibility.

Highly commended were:

Orla McInerney, Nurse, Emergency Department, QEH. Nominators said: “A great team player” is how Orla’s nominator Tichaona Monera describes her.  “Orla doesn’t need to be asked to assist in an emergency and always notices when colleagues need help and patients need comfort.”

Donna Muldoon, Healthcare Assistant, Honor Oak Team, Waldron Health Centre. Donna is a new member of the team, but has embraced her role full on. She shows great compassion to all the patients and families she visits.  She genuinely loves what she does and takes every opportunity to further her skills and education.

Healthcare Hero Award

Sponsored by Vinci. This is a very special award, as it is open to patients and local people, who nominate their Healthcare Heroes in recognition of staff who go the extra mile to ensure their patients receive outstanding care.

The winner this year was the Oncology Suite 8 Day Patient team, UHL. The suite 8 team was nominated by a patient and her neighbours who believe they deserve recognition for the brilliant work they do.  “I do not have the words to express my gratitude to this team, but I just want to say thank you for recognising that I am not just my illness and for genuinely treating me as a person. Thank you for listening to all my fears, and thank you for giving me hope.”

Lucy Rolfe, Suite 8 Receptionist, UHL. Lucy was also nominated by a patient  for her empathy and support, along with her excellent communication skills, delivering complicated practical information in a personal and calming way.  “On my first visit for treatment, the first person I met was Lucy. The very first words she said to me were: ‘We will look after you."

Mr Ioannis Nikolopoulos, Consultant General Surgeon, QEH. Ioannis displays consummate professionalism and works to extremely high standards. Nominated by Marcel Comer, whose mother was treated by Ioannis and his team, who says: "It is important that families feel assured that their loved ones are in competent, professional and safe hands at every stage.   Dr Nikolopoulous epitomises many of the incredible doctors working in the NHS.”

Inspirational Leader of the Year Award

This award is for the individual who has: taken up a leadership role and inspired others to adopt and champion changes which improve services or the working environment. Been an excellent role model in terms of leading others, building confidence and capability within the organisation, and displayed an advocate attitude for their service, patients and staff.

The winner this year is Marleen Elias, Ward Manager, Ward 20, QEH. The exemplary way that Ward 20 at QEH is run by Marleen has motivated nominators Jenny McDonnell, Ward Administrator and Tichaona Monera, Student Nurse to follow her example. Jenny says: “Marleen is an excellent leader who is kind to patients and has their best interests at heart, and notices every detail.”

Highly commended were:

Jane Lansana, Ward Manager, Laurel Ward. “Jane is not only an inspirational leader but an inspirational nurse and person too,”so say the many members of staff who nominated her. “She is a constant source of strength, support and motivation. Her love for her job shines through. After eight years as Ward Manager, Jane is leaving the ward to take up a new role within the Trust. An award to recognise her achievements would be the perfect send off.”

Lorna Carby, Principal Cardiac Physiologist, UHL. Several colleagues nominated Lorna for her positive attitude, ability to motivate others and for being an excellent leader and team player. She champions change and empowers staff to do their job to the best of their ability, she listens, encourages and guides staff. She also arranges social events to build relationships and encourages and supports staff to volunteer in developing countries. She is just amazing!

Employee of the Year

This award is for the individual who has: brought resources into the organisation in terms of expertise or funding, got involved in the work of the organisation beyond their own work role,
positively raised the profile of the organisation as a place to work or receive treatment,
worked collaboratively with others, being innovative and creative.

This year's winner is: Myla Angeles, Matron, Acute Medical Unit and Ambulatory Care, QEH. “Committed, passionate and supportive” are just some of the words used by Amanda Rolland to describe Myla.  “She does a tremendous job supporting our Filipino nurses when they arrive at our Trust. Myla always goes above and beyond.”

Highly commended were:

Karl Jewel, Head of Haematology Laboratory and Caroline Smith, Highly Specialist Children’s Physiotherapist, Kaleidoscope Centre.

“Karl is a fabulous manager” so says Shabnum Kahn who nominated him.  “He is warm, approachable, supportive and an excellent listener. He is a huge asset to our department and so deserving of this award”.

"Singing Caroline’s praises is very appropriate because as the leader of our very own Trust choir she has played a huge role in the choir’s impact both locally and nationally. She wants to bring joy to others through the power of music and she succeeds."

We'll share some photos as soon as we have them.

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