Sexual and reproductive health in Lewisham

The service provides specialist contraception, reproductive and sexual health care to men, women and young people

We provide free and confidential walk-in services for men and women of all ages, including young people and under 16s. Services are available at four sites across Lewisham six days a week. Services are generally open access walk-in, although appointments are available.

Young people, including under 16s, are welcome at all clinics.

The service provides contraception, as well as testing and treatment for sexual infections.

  • Doors open approximately 30 minutes before the start of the clinic session
  • Clinics may close earlier than the advertised times if very busy
  • We may not be able to provide test results on the same day of testing

Opening times for Lewisham sexual health clinics

Downham Health & Leisure Centre

This clinic is for the under 25s only

1st Floor
7-9 Moorside Road

Tel: 020 3049 1825 during opening hours

Tel: 020 3049 3516 at other times


Walk in service:

Wednesday: 3pm–7pm**

Thursday: 3pm–7pm**

Closed: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

The Primary Care Centre

For people of all ages including young people

1st Floor Hawstead Road

Tel: 020 7138 1700

Tel: 020 3049 3516 at other times

Walk-in service:

Monday: 2pm–7pm**

Tuesday: 2pm–7pm**

Wednesday: 2pm–7pm**

Thursday: 2pm–7pm**


Waldron Health Centre

For people of all ages including young people

Clinic, Suite 8, 2nd Floor, Amersham Vale
SE14 6LD
(Opposite New Cross Station)
Tel: 020 3049 3500 during opening hours

Tel: 020 3049 3516 at other times

Office HQ, Suite 10, 3rd Floor

Tel: 020 3049 3516


Walk-in service and appointments:

Monday: 10am–4pm for walk-in** and 5pm–7pm for appointments*

Tuesday: 10am–4pm for walk-in** and 5pm–7pm for appointments*

Wednesday: 2pm–4pm for walk-in** and 5pm–7pm for appointments*

Thursday: 10am–4pm for walk-in** and 5pm–7pm for appointments*

Friday: 8am–2.30pm for walk-in**

Saturday: 9.30am–2pm for walk in**

Closed on Bank Holidays

* Appointments can be made in person or by phone to the clinic on 020 3049 3500 from 10am on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 2pm Wednesday.  Appointments are filled very quickly. Phone lines divert to our opening times voicemail message when all lines are busy – please redial.

** Slot system – after booking in, you may be asked to return at a later time in the day. This is to help reduce your waiting time in the clinic. Slots are limited and not available for booking by phone, so please arrive early to reserve your place.


What services are available?

  • Long acting reversible contraception (LARC) including IUDs (coils), Mirena (IUS), and implants, available by appointment as well as at walk-in clinics                                                  
  • Tests and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), available at all clinics
  • Specialist genito-urinary medicine (GUM) service every day at the Waldron clinic by appointment
  • Services for young people (You’re Welcome accredited services)
  • Pregnancy testing, advice and referral
  • Emergency hormonal contraception:
    • A tablet than can be taken up to 72 hours (three days) after unprotected sex to help prevent pregnancy (this will be more effective the sooner it is taken). The tablet is also available from many pharmacies in Lewisham, visit for a list of pharmacies near you.
    • A tablet (ellaOne) that can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex to help prevent preganancy.
    • An emergency intra uterine device (IUD) which can be used up to five days after unprotected sex to help prevent pregnancy.
  • HIV testing
  • If you have no symptoms and would like a sexual health screening, you can register with Sexual Health London and order a free test kit online that will be delivered discreetly to your home.

Please note we do not offer cervical smears – please contact your GP if you need to have a smear.


Information for young people

We have a dedicated website to inform and empower young people about issues around contraception, sex, relationships, sexual health and related issues. To find out more, visit