Parent survey

The School Health Service can offer advice to children and young people, their families and school staff on a wide range of physical, emotional health and wellbeing topics.

We can also signpost you to other services that may help. We support schools in delivering health education, health care plans for children with medical needs, and medical training for school staff.

We provide health education through assemblies, classroom sessions and coffee mornings. The team may also come into school for health assessments where there are concerns about a child's health and well-being.  The team also delivers Children and Young People Healthy Weight Management Service

Please think about the appointments you and your child and family have had with School Health Service.

Please rate each question tick that most closely matches your experience and feelings about the service you received from us.

Your experience with us

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  Certainly true Partly true Not true Don’t know
It was easy to talk to the people who saw my child
I feel that the people who have seen my child listened to me
I feel that the professionals who saw my child are working together to help with the problem(s)
My Views and worries were taken seriously

Headteacher survey

Please fill out the survey below to tell us about what you think about the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust (LGT) School Health Service and how we can help in future.


Your experience

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

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What do you think is the best way for school health nurses to communicate with students?
Would you be happy to promote school health nurse information on your school website?
  Yes No
Do you think a ‘School Health Bulletin’ sent out regularly with health information and availability updates would be useful for students?
Do you know how to refer a student to the school Nurse?
Have you received your School Health Service Partnership Agreement
If you answered 'yes' to the previous question, did you discuss the Partnership agreement with your school nurse?
If not, would you like to have a meeting with a member of the School Health service to go through Partnership agreements, before signing?
Would you be interested in having a School Health Nurse drop-in in the future?