Pennies From Heaven

Pennies from Heaven

The Trust is proud to be a part of the Pennies from Heaven scheme, where colleagues can choose to 'round down' their pay packet to the nearest pound, and then donate those extra pennies to the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Charity. You can find more information and sign up below.


How many of us would be happy to donate those loose pennies to charity each month?

As an example, if your net pay is £1,250.34 then you keep the £1,250 and give the 34p to charity. Imagine the amount we could raise if we all do this one small thing!

Which charity benefits?

Pennies from Heaven example payslip Our pennies will go to the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Charity, supporting staff wellbeing projects. We know we all need more support and your pennies could make a real difference to you and your colleagues.

What is the maximum amount I would ever give?

The most you can ever donate is 99p every time you are paid.

Your donations will support the fantastic work of our Trust’s charity work to improve staff wellbeing.

Think your donations won’t make a difference? Well if all of us joined we would raise £93,000 per year – showing that pennies really do add up!

Signing up is easy! Just fill in the form below:


Sign up to Pennies from Heaven



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Terms and Conditions

I am pleased to confirm that I wish to participate in the Pennies from Heaven scheme and hereby authorise Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust as my agent to collect each pay period from my salary such odd penny balances (maximum 99p per pay period) and to distribute such amounts to the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Charity.

This authorisation is effective from the date I submit this form and shall remain in force until cancelled in writing.

If I am a UK Taxpayer, I give my consent for Gift Aid to be reclaimed on my donations (this boosts your donation by 25% and costs you nothing). I understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to pay any difference.

It is noted that a minimum of 93% of my donations will go directly to the nominated charity/charities with the rest retained by Pennies from Heaven Fundraising Limited to cover administration costs. This fee is offset however if donations are eligible for Gift Aid as for every £1 donated the charities, after reclaiming Gift Aid, will receive £1.16 after the fee is deducted.