Pathology at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Blood Test

What services do we provide?

The department is involved in the diagnostic testing of a very wide range of conditions and 70% of diagnoses depend on pathology testing. The pathology department provide services to a range of different departments within the hospital including inpatients, outpatient clinics, GPs and private providers.


The department encompasses a wide range of disciplines and services including:

  • Haematology and blood transfusion - 24/7 service
  • Microbiology (including virology, serology) - 24/7 service
  • Clinical biochemistry - 24/7 service
  • Histology (analysis of tissues and fluids for signs of disease)


User handbooks

The services we offer are described in the user handbooks included below, which have been compiled by the Medical and Scientific staff within Pathology. We hope they enhance your knowledge of our services and enable you to use then to their full potential. The information provided is as accurate as possible at the time of issue, and is subject to periodic review, and revision should there be any significant developments.

Blood Sciences user handbook Revision 10 [pdf] 4MB

Microbiology_handbook_LGT.doc [doc] 337KB

Cellular Pathology User Handbook - QEH.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Pathology General User Handbook.pdf [pdf] 578KB



The Trust is accredited by UKAS as follows:

Blood sciences and cellular pathology (QEH) UKAS scope

Microbiology UKAS scope

Cellular pathology UKAS scope



The pathology department is located in the west entrance at QEH.


How can I refer to the service?

There is no self-referral service. Patients can only be referred by medical or nursing staff and GPs.