Nutrition and Dietetics at Queen Elizabeth

   Nutrition and Dietetics services at QEH

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department provides dietetic services to both adults and children.

The Nurtrition and Dietetics team provides education, information and advice on food and nutrition needs.  They see patients in outpatient clinics and on wards and also offer home visits to some patients. The department  contributes to the nutritional training and education of medical, nursing and ancillary staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

What conditions are treated by the Nutrition and Dietetics team?

What services are provided at Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

Who are the services for?

Where are Nutrition and Dietetic services located?

Contact Information

Key Staff

Referral Information


What conditions are treated by the Nutrition and Dietetics team

The team is able to treat a variety of long-term and acute conditions in adults and children. Their service is often to provided alongside other methods of treatment or management of the condition. 



The team provides a nutrition and dietetic service for patients with haematology, colo-rectal, breast and  lung cancers.


The team provides a service for patients with IBD (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis), diverticular disease, IBS, coeliac disease, food intolerances/allergies and liver disease.


The team can treat patients with type 1 diabetes and gestational diabetes.


The team provides a service for underweight and overweight patients.

Chronic diseases:

The team treats chronic cardiac, renal and respiratory (TB, COPD) conidtions

Mental health:

Alongside the exsisting service for patients with dementua, the Nutrition and Dietetics team is working closely with other healthcare professionals at the Trust to develop new and innovative initiatives for these patients.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies



Faltering growth

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies


The team can provide a service to manage the chronic cardiac and lung conditions of prematurity that can compromise a baby's growth

Allergies and food intolerances

Poor eaters

Toddler diarrhoea


Paediatric Oncology

Paediatric Diabetes


What services are provided at Queen Elizabeth Hospital


The team provide services on most inpatient wards including the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) and Acute Medical Units (AMU). 

Nutrition and Dietetic services are provided on all  medical, orthopaedic and surgical wards including the gastroenterology ward and oncology ward.

For children, Nutrition and Dietetic services are available for patients on the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and the Children's ward.

A specialist paediatric oncology dietitian provides a service to the patients on Tiger Ward.


The team provides a nutrition and dietetic service at diabetes clinics for both adults and children.

A dietecian also works as part of a team providing a 'one-stop-shop' children's allergy clinic to provide dietary advice and support once an allergy has been diagnosed.

The team also provide services for patients attending an adult gastroenterology clinic, general adult and paediatric clinics, oncology clinics (adult and paediatric).

Other services provided:

Adult Weight Management Group

Joint home visits with the oncology nurse specialist for paediatric oncology patients

A monthly Adult Oncology Support Group


Who are the services for?

An Adult Nutrition and Dietetic service is available for patients over 16 years old.

A Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetic service is available for patients under 16 years old or up to 19 if  the patient has special needs.

For further details, please see the what conditions are treated and what services are provided by the nutrition and dietetics team.


Where are Nutrition and Dietetic services locatated?

If you a treated as an inpatient, a member of the team will visit you on your ward.

Adult Outpatients

Oncology, Respiratory and Gastroenterology Clinics are held in Outpatients Area E on Wednesday afternoons

General Dietetic Clinics are held in Outpatients Area D on Thursday afternoons

Children's Outpatients

All outpatient clinics (allergy, general, diabetes and oncology) are held in the Dolphin Outpatients Area. 

Some diabetes clinics are held at Queen Mary’s hospital for Bexley patients.

You may find it useful to look at a map of Queen Elizabeth Hospital before your visit, if so please follow the link below:

Map of Queen Elizabeth Hospital>>


Contact Information

To contact the Nutrition and Dietetics team, please call the dietetic office on 020 8836 5062. This number will go to answerphone over the weekend and out of office hours, so please leave your name and contact details so somebody can get back to you.


Key Staff

Vanessa Bara, Macmillan Oncology and Respiratory Dietitian

Naomi Bent, Dietitian, Diabetes

Emer Callanan, Dietitian, ITU

Rebecca Jordan, Dietitian, Gastroenterology

Ruby Khan, Dietitian, Parenteral Nutrition/Surgical

Sarah Kordecki, Paediatric Dietitian

Patricia Murphy (Deputy Head of Dietetics), Paediatric Dietitian -  Allergy

EwaNiedzwiecka, Dietetic Assistant

Ny Man, Dietetic Assistant

Sarah O’Toole,  Dietitian, acute medical, orthopaedics, coronary care, respiratory medicine

Niamh O’Sullivan, Dietitian,  acute medical, cardiology and respiratory medicine

Caroline Oates, Macmillan Paediatric Oncology Dietitian

Natalie Schembri,  Macmillan Oncology and Nutrition Support Dietitian

Holly Sung,  Administrator

Jasmine Walton, Paediatric Diabetes Dietitian

Anotai Warne, Dietetic Assistant

Referral Information

Patients cannot self-refer to Nutrition and Dietetic Services.

To access the adult services, patients will need to be referred by their GP (Greenwich only), hospital consultant or clinical nurse specialist.

To access the children's service, a referral must be made by the patients' hospital consultant or a clinical nurse specialist.

GP referrals for paediatric patients should be sent to the Greenwich Community Paediatric Team, which is run by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, to visit their website, please follow the link below:

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust>>

Outpatient referrals can be made in writing to:

Dietetics Dept
Inpatients Therapies Offices
1st Floor
Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
Stadium Road London
SE18 4QH

or via fax to  0208 836 5034

GP and consultant referrals for weight management must include weight, height and BMI. 

GPs can contact a member of the Nutrition and Dietetics team by calling the dietetic office on 020 8836 5062.

Or emailing