Listening to you...

You said we did logo The ‘Listening to you’ programme ensures that the feedback patients give us is heard and that the Trust and its departments are listening.

The patient experience team is producing a series of ‘you said we did’ posters, for every area in the Trust, on an on-going basis. We want to feedback to patients, visitors and staff that we are listening and highlight the improvements that we have made.

You can view and download the 'You said we did...' posters for both University Hospital Lewisham (UHL) and Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) below.

These outline initiatives such as volunteers delivering copies of Metro newspapers to the wards so patients can catch up on the days news, helping patients to socialise more at meal times and more activities generally on the wards, special flow co-ordinators to help with the discharge process, the interactive flooring in the play room and posters featuring key staff members so they are easily recognisable to everyone.

'You Said, we did...' posters

Alexis Clinic new observations machine

AMU 'meet the team' notice board

Antenatal Ward, staggered times for induction of labour

Beech Ward new picture menu to make communication easier

Cardiology new ECG room to reduce wait times

Chestnut Ward change breakfast times

Day care unit splits admission times between morning and afternoon patients

Discharge lounge now have a supply of clothes for patients if needed

Endoscopy team encourage patients to fit the mouthguard themselves if more comfortable

EPAU now have more slots to cut down on the wait times for scans

Sexual and reproductive health clinics now offer evening appointments and express clinics

Hawthorne Ward teams combine to ensure smooth and timely discharge for patients

Health visiting team sets up a new 'understanding your baby' group for supporting parents

Buzzers that attach to patients clothes to make them easier to find

A new drinks menu with pictures to make it easier for patients to choose

Additional clinics to support and care for babies with jaundice

Mulberry ward, more lights dimmed during the day for patients who want more rest

Patients feel more confortable in their own clothes until changing for surgery

Sapphire ward - reducing the length of stay on the ward before discharge

Twiddle Muffins help keep active hands busy and comfort patients

YSWD poster image 2019