Immunisation Team

The Childhood Immunisation Team provides coordination and support to ensure the delivery of effective immunisation programmes, other than those that occur in front line immunisation centres.

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32 Rushey Green

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T: 020 7049 1444

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Who is the service for?

The service is available to anyone under the age of 18 who is a Lewisham resident or is registered with a Lewisham GP.

What services are provided?

  • Responsible for the collection of data on immunisation uptake, reporting to the Department of Health, NHS England, Public Health England and local commissioners
  • Identification of areas of low uptake of vaccination, the reasons for this and the design of interventions to address these
  • Management of the neonatal Hepatitis B and BCG vaccination programmes
  • Provision of a telephone helpline service giving expert clinical advice service to healthcare professionals. Parents can be referred to the helpline if needed
  • Management of training programmes for all registered clinical and unregistered staff required to administer immunisations or advise on immunisations
  • Health Promotion - Information and promotion of immunisation awareness and  childhood immunisation services to the population of Lewisham using mass media advertising and any appropriate publicity mechanisms
  • An immunisation advisory clinic addresses issues of medical history that might contraindicate childhood immunisations or issues of parental concern that cannot be dealt with by other means. Referrals into the advisory clinic are made by doctors or nurses in general practice or community services and are addressed by the Immunisation Coordinator and the Consultant Community Paediatrician.

How can you get a referral?

Patients can be referred through GPs or Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust staff.

Why choose the Childhood Immunisation Team?

  • Expertise in training design (provided the model for all London PCTs and Institutions)
  • Provides expert advice for health professionals in all clinical settings in the Trust and in general practice
  • Expertise in patient communication on vaccination issues – consulted by health areas across London and South England
  • Immunisation Co-ordinator has worked for 30 years in a wide range of immunisation settings overseas, in the Department of Health and is a regular advisor to the pharma industry and to DH consultation bodies