HIV services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

We offer a range of appointment-only HIV appointment clinics. Please contact reception on 020 8836 6969 for details.

If you are HIV positive and are unwell when we are not open, please contact your GP out-of-hours service or the NHS 111 Service. Tell them that we look after your HIV and they will be able to make sure you get the best care.


Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV after sex ( PEPSI)

If you have had sex with someone who has HIV, or you think probably has HIV, condoms give you good protection. However, if the condom broke or came off, or if you forgot to use one – don't panic, we can help.

We have tablet treatment that can reduce the chance of you catching it – the full course is four weeks but it's important to get the first dose as soon as you can. It works best within the first few hours but still helps within three days. If you come to the clinic, tell reception straightaway that you want to talk about PEPSI.

If we are closed, you can talk about this treatment with the doctors and nurses in Accident and Emergency. Tell the first person that you speak to that you want to talk about PEPSI.

The medicines can make you feel a little unwell and we will see you every week to see how you are getting on. Within the first few days we will also need to make sure that you have an HIV test to be sure that you don't already have the infection.


Women's group

Get involved in shaping the future of your service and meet like-minded people at our women's group. Details as follows:

Venue Erith Health Centre, Room G49, 50 Pier Road DA8 1RQ. Tel 01322 357 939

Date and time First Thursday of the month, from 11am


PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV)

PrEP is the use of an HIV medication to lower the risk of acquiring HIV. It is taken either every day or to cover times when a person might be at greatest risk of being infected with HIV. It doesn't protect against other sexually transmitted infections. For further information, visit, which sets out some of your options.

If you are purchasing PrEP for yourself, it is important that you are properly monitored – we are happy to do this for you. Public Health England is currently running the IMPACT programme, which provides free PrEP and monitoring. Click here for details.