September 2019 FOI responses

September 2019 responses

Reference Description
RFI-003192 Outpatients [pdf] 903KB
RFI-003243 Project List [pdf] 334KB
RFI-003245 Anti-Bacterial Coated Point of Care Medical Carts [pdf] 324KB
RFI-003278 Prostate Cancer Guidelines [pdf] 568KB
RFI-003287 Violations of Patient Privacy [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003288 Diagnostics [pdf] 333KB
RFI-003290 Air Conditioning Beds, Car Parking and WiFi [pdf] 297KB
RFI-003291 Expenditure [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003296 Leaks on the Hospital Estate [pdf] 1MB
RFI-003304 Agency Staffing within Non Clinical Posts [pdf] 343KB
RFI-003306 PALS and Compliments [pdf] 329KB
RFI-003307 Complaints [pdf] 433KB
RFI-003308 PALS Information [pdf] 688KB
RFI-003309 Operating Theatres [pdf] 319KB
RFI-003314 Data Storage Vendor [pdf] 309KB
RFI-003315 Agency Staffing & Human Resources [pdf] 317KB
RFI-003317 Overseas Charging).pdf [pdf] 324KB
RFI-003319 ICT Capital, Revenue and Cyber Security [pdf] 705KB
RFI-003321 Secondary Care Discharge Letters and Referrals [pdf] 377KB
RFI-003322 Expenditure Over £25,000 [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003323 Medical Equipment [pdf] 431KB
RFI-003324 Studies Undertaken by Radiology [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003325 Vaginal Mesh Surgery [pdf] 557KB
RFI-003327 Overseas Charging [pdf] 333KB
RFI-003328 Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOC) [pdf] 518KB
RFI-003331 Wound Infection in Caesarean Sections [pdf] 689KB
RFI-003332 Vehicles Information [pdf] 496KB
RFI-003333 VTE Management and Care [pdf] 970KB
RFI-003334 Intravenous Voriconazole Injection [pdf] 319KB
RFI-003339 Chief Finance Officer Recruitment [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003343 Emergency Admissions [pdf] 326KB
RFI-003346 Admissions and Finished Consultant Episodes [pdf] 380KB
RFI-003347 Diabetes and Emotional and Mental Health [pdf] 323KB
RFI-003352 Survey Patient Experience [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003353 Clinically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration [pdf] 412KB
RFI-003354 Non-Maternity Gynaecological Ultrasounds [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003355 Utilising External Supplier to Deliver Endoscopy Andor Gastroenterology Services [pdf] 746KB
RFI-003356 Pension Tax Relief [pdf] 325KB
RFI-003358 Junior Doctors Recruitment [pdf] 462KB
RFI-003359 Community Midwifery and Health Visiting [pdf] 691KB
RFI-003361 Translation Services [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003362 Atopic Dermatitis [pdf] 392KB
RFI-003363 Employee Health and Wellbeing [pdf] 349KB
RFI-003364 Coding for Clinical Discharge Summary [pdf] 370KB
RFI-003366 IT Systems [pdf] 394KB
RFI-003368 Breast Cancer Treatment [pdf] 325KB
RFI-003371 Ophthalmology Project [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003372 Budget for Investing in RPA [pdf] 451KB
RFI-003374 Mental Health Services [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003376 Food Wastage [pdf] 318KB
RFI-003377 Headcount Laboratory Staff [pdf] 315KB
RFI-003379 Procurement and Contracting Department Patient Record Integration Sharing [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003380 Gout & Bowel Cleanser Products [pdf] 315KB
RFI-003382 Patients with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) [pdf] 447KB
RFI-003384 Portable Bilirubin (Jaundice) Meters) [pdf] 326KB
RFI-003385 Mental Health Out of Area Placements [pdf] 374KB
RFI-003387 Contact for Head of Communication [pdf] 361KB
RFI-003388 Dementia Diagnosis-Mental Health [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003389 International Staff Recruitment [pdf] 383KB
RFI-003391 SIRO, DPO and Caldicott Contact Details [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003393 Drugs Treatment [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003397 CAMHS [pdf] 309KB
RFI-003401 Trust Contacts [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003402 Brexit Costs [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003406 Staff Contacts [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003407 Staff That Meets Security Management Functions [pdf] 325KB
RFI-003411 Cataract Procedures [pdf] 309KB