September 2018 FOI responses

September 2018 responses

Reference Description
RFI-002515 Sexually Transmitted Infections- Children [pdf] 294KB
RFI-002554 Private Non-NHS Patients [pdf] 185KB
RFI-002597 Sanitary Products [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002599 Waiting Times [pdf] 182KB
RFI-002611 Cardiac MRI Scans [pdf] 180KB
RFI-002613 IT Contracts [pdf] 197KB
RFI-002627 Coronary CT Angiography Scans [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002629 Mortality Statistics [pdf] 179KB
RFI-002640 Babies Diagnosed With Issues of Ankylossia (Tongue-Tie) [pdf] 185KB
RFI-002642 Radiology [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002643 Overall Financial Spend [pdf] 198KB
RFI-002645 Collaborations with Immigration Enforcement [pdf] 188KB
RFI-002649 IT Spend [pdf] 199KB 
RFI-002650 Number of Babies Born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome [pdf] 226KB
RFI-002651 Data Protection Compliance Checks [pdf] 327KB
RFI-002652 Acromegaly Treatment [pdf] 180KB
RFI-002653 Workforce Spend and Supplier [pdf] 200KB
RFI-002654 Accomodation [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002658 VTE Annual Audit [pdf] 330KB
RFI-002659 Doctors Rotas [pdf] 607KB
RFI-002660 VBAC Success Rate [pdf] 182KB
RFI-002661 Treatment of Forearm Fractures [pdf] 313KB
RFI-002662 Von Willebrand Disease [pdf] 228KB
RFI-002666 HR Effectiveness [pdf] 265KB
RFI-002668 Hospital Information [pdf] 191KB
RFI-002670 e-Cigarette Policy [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002671 Operations Cancelled for Non-Clinical Reasons [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002673 Bullying and Harassment in the NHS [pdf] 304KB
RFI-002674 Wheelchair Services [pdf] 186KB
RFI-002675 Systems Spend [pdf] 198KB
RFI-002678 Hepatitis C [pdf] 489KB
RFI-002680 Public Health Funerals [pdf] 188KB
RFI-002683 Stab Wounds [pdf] 493KB
RFI-002686 Urothelial Cell Cancer [pdf] 180KB
RFI-002687 Hospital Food for Patients [pdf] 2MB
RFI-002689 Ophthalmology [pdf] 187KB
RFI-002693 Protocol Regarding Babies Born to Mothers with Blood Group O [pdf] 180KB
RFI-002695 Brexit [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002699 No-Deal Brexit [pdf] 186KB
RFI-002702 Dental X-Ray [pdf] 180KB