October 2020 FOI responses

October 2020 responses

Reference Description
RFI-003908 External Temporary Staff [pdf] 349KB
RFI-003955 Endoscopy Data [pdf] 321KB
RFI-003963 Multiple Pregnancies - How Care is Delivered in Each Unit & Data [pdf] 333KB
RFI-003970 COVID-19 Staff [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003971 Complications Arising From Taking Abortion Pills [pdf] 551KB
RFI-003980 Annual Leave Requests [pdf] 334KB
RFI-003984 Asthma Treatment for Children [pdf] 977KB
RFI-003985 Urology Department Impact of COVID-19 on Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Support [pdf] 343KB
RFI-003987 Locum Agency Spend [pdf] 894KB
RFI-003989 Hospitalisations Due to COVID-19 [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003990 Locum Agency Spend [pdf] 788KB
RFI-003992 Incidence and Treatment of Breast Cancer [pdf] 485KB
RFI-003993 Flexible Endoscope Inventory [pdf] 309KB
RFI-003994 Use of Identifiable Uniforms within Trust [pdf] 2MB
RFI-003997 Complaints & Racism [pdf] 318KB
RFI-003998 Legacy Systems [pdf] 387KB
RFI-003999 Agency Spend [pdf] 557KB
RFI-004000 Multiple Sclerosis [pdf] 314KB
RFI-004002 IT Systems and Software [pdf] 309KB
RFI-004003 Supply of ICU Medicines [pdf] 507KB
RFI-004004 IT Software & Security [pdf] 317KB
RFI-004005 Ultrasound Imaging Devices [pdf] 819KB
RFI-004006 Research on the Treatment of Lung Cancer [pdf] 334KB
RFI-004008 Patient Transport [pdf] 493KB
RFI-004009 Intra-Vitreal Injections/Implants [pdf] 317KB
RFI-004010 Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions [pdf] 324KB
RFI-004012 Pest Control Call Outs [pdf] 314KB
RFI-004013 Patients Discharges To Care Homes [pdf] 888KB
RFI-004014 Prostate Cancer Diagnosis [pdf] 504KB
RFI-004015 Estates and Facilities Structure Chart [pdf] 587KB
RFI-004016 Sick and COVID-19 Isolation Pay [pdf] 490KB
RFI-004017 Contact Details [pdf] 309KB
RFI-004018 Violence Prevention Audit [pdf] 544KB
RFI-004019 Healthcare IT Systems Validation [pdf] 449KB
RFI-004020 Managed Print Services [pdf] 330KB
RFI-004024 Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Services [pdf] 380KB
RFI-004027 Contacts [pdf] 313KB
RFI-004029 Tier 3 Weight Management [pdf] 379KB
RFI-004030 Clinical Service Incidents [pdf] 518KB
RFI-004031 Contacts [pdf] 312KB
RFI-004033 Whipple Procedure & Liver Transplantation [pdf] 713KB
RFI-004037 Overseas Agency Registered Nurses Enquiry [pdf] 309KB
RFI-004046 Maternity Support Restrictions as a Result of COVID-19 [pdf] 2MB
RFI-004047 Viscosupplementation Injections [pdf] 318KB
RFI-004051 Just-R Recruiting Agency [pdf] 312KB
RFI-004055 Pest Control Information [pdf] 312KB