October 2019 FOI responses

October 2019 responses

Reference Description
RFI-003122 IT Infrastructure 2018/19 [pdf] 416KB
RFI-003232 Appointment Reminder Services/Bank Staffing [pdf] 319KB
RFI-003316 Healthcare Agency Spend by Discipline (Temporary Workers) FY 2018/19 [pdf] 497KB
RFI-003335 Disciplinary Procedures for Doctors [pdf] 1MB
RFI-003336 Urology Department MRI use for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis [pdf] 473KB
RFI-003337 Never Events [pdf] 320KB
RFI-003344 Flu Vaccination Uptake and Sickness Absence [pdf] 323KB
RFI-003357 GI Procedures for Endoscopy Numbers [pdf] 318KB
RFI-003360 Bone Metastases [pdf] 321KB
RFI-003365 Blood Patch Procedures [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003375 Patients Treated with Synagis (Palivizumab) [pdf] 308KB
RFI-003378 Mattress Contracts [pdf] 319KB
RFI-003383 Hospital Changing Places [pdf] 329KB
RFI-003386 Mass Spectrometry Testing [pdf] 309KB
RFI-003390 EPR/PAS Systems [pdf] 329KB
RFI-003392 Parking Drop-Off Charges [pdf] 449KB
RFI-003394 Overseas Patients Treated in Maternity Department [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003395 Colorectal Cancer (CRC) [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003396 S2 Plasma Collection System [pdf] 309KB
RFI-003399 Spend on Agency Nurses [pdf] 339KB
RFI-003400 Cell Salvage in Obstetrics [pdf] 747KB
RFI-003408 Onsite Paging [pdf] 309KB
RFI-003417 Management of Suspected Renal Colic OOH [pdf] 447KB
RFI-003418 Cataract Surgery [pdf] 365KB
RFI-003419 Referral-to-Treatment Time for Cataract Surgery (C71 to C77) [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003420 Colorectal Cancer (CRC) [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003421 Flu Jabs for Frontline Workers [pdf] 461KB
RFI-003422 List of All Non Clinical staff who Receive Inner London Weighting Allowance [pdf] 888KB
RFI-003423 Da Vinci Robot [pdf] 449KB
RFI-003424 Staff Bank Management [pdf] 457KB
RFI-003425 Dietetic Services in Colorectal Cancer Care [pdf] 390KB
RFI-003427 Windows Migration [pdf] 528KB
RFI-003430 Hip and Knee Joint Replacements [pdf] 493KB
RFI-003434 Mandatory Training Costs [pdf] 455KB
RFI-003435 Cardiology Digital Systems [pdf] 316KB
RFI-003436 Ursodeoxycholic Acid 250mg Capsules [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003439 Complicated Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (cSSTI) [pdf] 315KB
RFI-003440 Ransomware in UK Hospitals [pdf] 319KB
RFI-003442 Securtiy/RPI Teams [pdf] 464KB
RFI-003446 Windows 7 [pdf] 446KB
RFI-003448 Vascular Access Devices [pdf] 315KB
RFI-003449 IT Training for Doctors [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003455 IR35 Compliant [pdf] 410KB
RFI-003459 Dietician Trouser Sizes [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003460 CCG Restrictions on Treatments [pdf] 460KB
RFI-003461 Pelvic Examination by Doctors-In-Training/Medical Students [pdf] 477KB
RFI-003464 CCTV Footage [pdf] 315KB