October 2018 FOI responses

October 2018 responses

Reference Description
RFI-002510 Sustainability and Transformation Fund [pdf] 186KB
RFI-002574 Agency Locum Spend [pdf] 186KB
RFI-002635 Acute Pathology Hospital Model [pdf] 195KB
RFI-002637 Support for Secondary Breast Cancer Patients [pdf] 191KB
RFI-002641 Statistics for Burns-Scalds [pdf] 262KB
RFI-002655 Bounty UK Limited [pdf] 8MB
RFI-002657 Agency Staffing [pdf] 204KB
RFI-002664 District Nursing [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002669 Mortuaries [pdf] 195KB
RFI-002681 3rd Party Hosting [pdf] 186KB
RFI-002682 Digital Maturity Assessment [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002684 Multiple Sclerosis [pdf] 399KB
RFI-002685 Self-Harm Admissions [pdf] 183KB
RFI-002688 Transformation Plan [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002690 Systems [pdf] 183KB
RFI-002691 Tonsillectomy Procedures [pdf] 185KB
RFI-002692 Car Parking [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002696 Drug Shortages [pdf] 289KB
RFI-002698 Interpretation Services [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002700 Corporate Staffing [pdf] 319KB
RFI-002701 Agency Locum Doctor Supply [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002703 Out of Hour Payments in Pathology [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002704 Smoking and Vaping Policy [pdf] 212KB
RFI-002705 Estates and Facilities [pdf] 285KB
RFI-002709 Patients’ Letters of Compliment [pdf] 182KB
RFI-002714 Beds [pdf] 183KB
RFI-002716 e-Learning-Online Learning Management System [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002722 Diabetes [pdf] 185KB
RFI-002723 Complaints [pdf] 183KB
RFI-002727 Windows 10 [pdf] 180KB
RFI-002729 Drugs Dispensing [pdf] 265KB
RFI-002732 Cyber Security [pdf] 194KB
RFI-002734 Clinical System Contract Expirations [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002736 Patients with Psoriasis [pdf] 230KB
RFI-002737 Salary Schemes for Employees [pdf] 188KB
RFI-002738 Unlicensed Medicines [pdf] 2MB
RFI-002740 Treatment [pdf] 228KB
RFI-002743 Medical Locum Supply [pdf] 188KB
RFI-002744 Maternity Policy [pdf] 266KB
RFI-002750 Transplants [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002751 Estates, Facilities and Health and Safety Departments [pdf] 252KB
RFI-002753 Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems Holding Patient Clinical Records [pdf] 203KB
RFI-002755 GDPR [pdf] 183KB