May 2019 FOI responses

May 2019 responses

Reference Description
EIR-003048 Awarded Tenders [pdf] 312KB
EIR-003063 Fire Retardant CladdingBalconies [pdf] 312KB
RFI-002914 Recycling Employer Pension Contributions [pdf] 313KB
RFI-002924 Asthma [pdf] 479KB
RFI-002967 Anaesthetic Agents [pdf] 378KB
RFI-002992 Consultants/Doctors Expenditure [pdf] 310KB
RFI-002994 Urinary Tract Infection [pdf] 316KB
RFI-003004 Process Automation and PEPPOL [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003009 Knife Injury and Knife Crime [pdf] 584KB
RFI-003023 Vacancy and Appointment of Overseas Nurses [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003024 Arrangements for Trust Bank and Agency Locums [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003029 MRI Scanning [pdf] 513KB
RFI-003032 Bank Payment Rates- Midwives [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003036 Parkinson’s [pdf] 318KB
RFI-003037 Acute Myocardial Infraction [pdf] 704KB
RFI-003038 Incidents Caused by Estates and Infrastructure [pdf] 315KB
RFI-003050 Prolia Treatments [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003053 Published Expenditure over £25,000 [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003064 Anorectal Malformation Patient Leaflets [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003065 Oncology [pdf] 383KB
RFI-003066 Candida Auris [pdf] 390KB
RFI-003068 Clinical Insourcing Companies [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003069 Core and Escalation Beds [pdf] 343KB
RFI-003070 Radiology-Extravasation Threshold Rates [pdf] 307KB
RFI-003072 Adult Community Nursing [pdf] 375KB
RFI-003074 Bullying & Harassment [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003077 Support Workers in Maternity [pdf] 965KB
RFI-003078 Public Sector Pipelines [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003079 Procurement Framework Contracts Relating to Works in the Built Environment [pdf] 317KB
RFI-003080 Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment [pdf] 331KB
RFI-003082 Phishing/Scam Emails [pdf] 427KB
RFI-003084 Fat-Shaming Complaints [pdf] 394KB
RFI-003085 Apprenticeships [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003086 Kaleidoscope Lewisham- Fall & Lightning Protection Inspections [pdf] 308KB
RFI-003087 MRI's and CT's [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003088 Deaths/Autopsies [pdf] 308KB
RFI-003089 Archiving [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003091 Flexible Working Policy and Adoption [pdf] 324KB
RFI-003093 Peripheral IV Cannulas [pdf] 309KB
RFI-003095 Contact Details [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003096 Information Security Officer Position [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003098 Unlicensed Systemic Anticancer Therapy [pdf] 1MB
RFI-003099 Coal Burning At Hospitals [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003100 Supplier Annual Spend [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003102 Veterans [pdf] 307KB
RFI-003104 Obstetric Recruitment and Obstetric Training Accreditation [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003109 Core and Escalation Beds [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003110 Anaesthetic Agent- Propofol [pdf] 405KB
RFI-003112 Viscosupplementation [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003113 Eye Drops [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003121 BAME [pdf] 353KB
RFI-003125 Treatment [pdf] 393KB
RFI-003128 Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment [pdf] 329KB
RFI-003130 Hospital Consultants [pdf] 308KB
RFI-003132 Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment [pdf] 328KB
RFI-003136 Hymen Reconstruction Surgeries [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003139 Biologics and Biosimilar Prescribing [pdf] 462KB
RFI-003140 Glaucoma [pdf] 316KB
RFI-003142 Ad Hoc Pension Recycling Arrangements [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003143 Trust Board [pdf] 309KB