March 2019 FOI responses

March 2019 responses

Reference Description
EIR-002954 Cladding [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002854 IT-Data Security & Protection [pdf] 255KB
RFI-002899 Colonoscopies [pdf] 233KB
RFI-002901 Death [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002095 Data Breaches [pdf] 233KB
RFI-002907 e-Rostering [pdf] 282KB
RFI-002918 End of Life Care [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002920 Knife Injuries [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002921 Allegations of Sexual Misconduct [pdf] 1MB
RFI-002930 Debt Collection Firms and Overseas Patients [pdf] 530KB
RFI-002932 Theft [pdf] 328KB
RFI-002934 Software Licences [pdf] 239KB
RFI-002936 Overseas Visitors [pdf] 286KB
RFI-002945 Enterprise Applications Software [pdf] 245KB
RFI-002955 Maternity- Consultant Obstetricians and Anaesthetists [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002956 Overseas Patient Upfront Tariff Statistics [pdf] 413KB
RFI-002957 Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism [pdf] 239KB
RFI-002959 Transactions over £25,000 [pdf] 240KB
RFI-002961 Board Meeting- Software Tool [pdf] 239KB
RFI-002962 Colonoscopies [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002963 Bowel Cleansers [pdf] 337KB
RFI-002966 Guidelines for Local Management of Preterm Labour and Birth, Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage [pdf] 2MB
RFI-002968 Overseas Visitors [pdf] 244KB
RFI-002969 Contact Details-Procurement of Telecoms and IT Hardware and Services [pdf] 234KB
RFI-002970 Patient Transport [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002971 Legal- Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism [pdf] 285KB
RFI-002974 South London Healthcare NHS Trust- Annual Accounts [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002976 Medicines Shortage Cost [pdf] 239KB
RFI-002977 Bottom Stabbings [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002980 New Biosimilar Biologic Therapies [pdf] 240KB
RFI-002981 Contact Details [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002983 Therapeutic Hypothermia (Cooling) System in ITU [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002984 Best Practice in Fall Prevention and Management [pdf] 5MB
RFI-002985 Bariatric Procedures [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002986 Anaesthetic Consultants [pdf] 281KB
RFI-002989 Infant Formula [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002993 Protocol for ROP Screening [pdf] 2MB
RFI-002997 Vending Machines [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002999 Procedures-Training-Referalls for Children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities [pdf] 240KB
RFI-003002 Mental Health & Wellbeing Digital App [pdf] 342KB
RFI-003003 Rubber Band Ligation of Haemorrhoid [pdf] 237KB
RFI-003007 Patient Discharges [pdf] 235KB
RFI-003019 Hearing-Audiology Service [pdf] 235KB
RFI-003021 Vyxeos [pdf] 236KB