FOI disclosures July 2022

July 2022 Responses

Reference  Description
RFI-005101 Mobile and Telephony Contracts [pdf] 145KB
RFI-005116 Deaths [pdf] 160KB
RFI-005117 Numbers of Referrals and Rejected Referrals [pdf] 287KB
RFI-005129 Covid-19 [pdf] 147KB
RFI-005132 HIMMS EMRAM Query [pdf] 141KB
RFI-005133 Without a Fixed Abode [pdf] 143KB
RFI-005134 Staffing Systems [pdf] 265KB
RFI-005137 Junior Doctors [pdf] 396KB
RFI-005138 Data Protection Officer Job Description [pdf] 140KB
RFI-005139 Charges for Overseas Visitors [pdf] 141KB
RFI-005140 Respiratory Lab/Sleep Unit [pdf] 225KB
RFI-005146 Maternity Quality and Safety Champions Report [pdf] 148KB
RFI-005147 Staff Fuel Allowance and Travel Costs [pdf] 144KB
RFI-005150 Tongue Tie [pdf] 484KB
RFI-005152 Fire & Rescue Services [pdf] 139KB
RFI-005157 Non Invasive Ventilation Service [pdf] 158KB
RFI-005158 Mobile Phones Contract [pdf] 147KB
RFI-005159 Dental Services [pdf] 243KB
RFI-005163 Dog Attacks and Dog Related Injuries [pdf] 245KB
RFI-005164 Antifungal Treatments [pdf] 144KB
RFI-005166 Infrastructure- Data Storage [pdf] 146KB
RFI-005167 Hospital Equipment [pdf] 146KB
RFI-005168 Breast Cancer [pdf] 167KB
RFI-005169 Security Team [pdf] 140KB
RFI-005170 Facilities [pdf] 139KB
RFI-005171 Coagulation Testing [pdf] 140KB
RFI-005172 Committee Meeting Minutes at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust [pdf] 5MB
RFI-005176 Emergency Department- Dental Problems [pdf] 212KB
RFI-005177 Sexual Misconduct and Assault [pdf] 178KB
RFI-005180 Use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) [pdf] 142KB
RFI-005182 Amazon Contracts [pdf] 310KB
RFI-005184 Use Digital Dictation [pdf] 144KB
RFI-005185 Number of Hours in A&E [pdf] 139KB
RFI-005187 Fax Machines [pdf] 139KB
RFI-005191 Microsoft Licencing Purchases [pdf] 139KB
RFI-005193 Doctors' Mess and Facilities [pdf] 147KB
RFI-005194 Medical Devices [pdf] 142KB
RFI-005196 Sexual Harassment and Misconduct in the Workplace [pdf] 140KB
RFI-005197 Trust's Patient Trolleys [pdf] 140KB
RFI-005202 LIMS/Oncology/Imaging [pdf] 150KB
RFI-005209 Zero Hour Contracts [pdf] 138KB
RFI-005215 Organisational Chart [pdf] 2MB
RFI-005228 Diabetes Systems [pdf] 138KB
RFI-005237 Data and Digital Infrastructure [pdf] 163KB