January 2019 FOI responses

January 2019 responses

Reference Description
RFI-002647 HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis, and Haemophilia Haemophiliacs Documentation-1988 - 1991) [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002676 Agency & Bank Medical Spend [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002708 Newborn Babies Re-Admitted to Hospital Due to Suspected Jaundice [pdf] 183KB
RFI-002719 Outsource or Insource- Gastro, Derm and Radiology [pdf] 187KB
RFI-002721 Psychological Support for Men living with Prostate Cancer [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002731 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer [pdf] 308KB
RFI-002785 Agency Payments [pdf] 242KB
RFI-002789 Rheumatoid Arthritis [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002790 Female Sanitary Products [pdf] 334KB
RFI-002793 Structure Charts [pdf] 334KB
RFI-002797 Compliance (DBS) and Reference Checks [pdf] 242KB
RFI-002804 Rostering Supplier and Functionality [pdf] 328KB
RFI-002809 Discharge Summaries [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002812 Medical Director [pdf] 290KB
RFI-002814 Physical Assaults [pdf] 465KB
RFI-002815 Cases of Acanthamoeba Keratitis [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002818 Cost Improvement Plan [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002823 Maternity Services [pdf] 190KB
RFI-002826 Capital Bids [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002828 Nursing Agency Staffing Spend [pdf] 245KB
RFI-002829 Daily Living Aids [pdf] 331KB
RFI-002835 Medication Preparation for a Brexit ‘No-Deal’) [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002839 Electrical Suppliers [pdf] 309KB
RFI-002843 Car Parking [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002845 Printed Cable Ties for Waste [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002846 Staff Mental Health/Counselling Service [pdf] 351KB
RFI-002847 Telephone Maintenance Contract [pdf] 248KB
RFI-002849 Financial Efficiencies [pdf] 243KB
RFI-002850 Cost of Covering Staff Settled Status Application [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002852 Missing Information on Site [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002855 Employee Personnel Records [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002857 Vending Machines [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002859 Infected Blood Inquiry [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002865 Ophthalmology [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002874 Dermatology [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002876 Prescription of Methylphenidate (Ritalin) [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002882 Disease Modifying Drug Treatments [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002889 Leaflet of Induction of Labour [pdf] 1MB
RFI-002891 Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002893 Podiatry/Orthotics [pdf] 240KB
RFI-002894 Sepsis [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002903 Mobile Contracts [pdf] 245KB