FOI disclosures February 2020

February 2020 responses

Reference Description
RFI-003566 Recruitment Drives Abroad [pdf] 1MB
RFI-003577 Black Alerts [pdf] 316KB
RFI-003579 Attendance Rates at A&E [pdf] 322KB
RFI-003584 Sexual Assaults on Patients & Staff [pdf] 291KB
RFI-003585 Infant Mortality Rates [pdf] 247KB
RFI-003590 Deaths & Injury After Birth [pdf] 322KB
RFI-003591 Job Planning [pdf] 563KB
RFI-003594 Carbon Reduction Information Relating to Travel [pdf] 316KB
RFI-003599 Patient Access Policy [pdf] 1MB
RFI-003601 Stranded Patients [pdf] 490KB
RFI-003603 Gastro Biologics [pdf] 402KB
RFI-003604 Waiting Time A&E [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003610 Losses and Special Payments [pdf] 317KB
RFI-003612 Sexual Abuse of Children [pdf] 287KB
RFI-003613 Non-Urgent Inpatient Surgery Procedures [pdf] 316KB
RFI-003621 Air Conditioning Inspection Report Environmental Compliance Audit (Commonly Known as an ACI TM44) [pdf] 316KB
RFI-003628 Fertility, Maternity, Childbirth and Post-Natal Services [pdf] 7MB
RFI-003630 IT Department Related Information [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003631 Dermatology Biologics [pdf] 311KB
RFI-003632 IT Organisational Chart [pdf] 980KB
RFI-003633 Recording Advance Decisions for use in Medical Emergencies [pdf] 495KB
RFI-003636 First Aid and Mental Health Training [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003637 Venous Thromboembolism Treatment Protocol and Volumes [pdf] 237KB
RFI-003639 Network Access [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003640 Metal and Missile Effect Incidents in MRI [pdf] 299KB
RFI-003642 Cancelled Children's Operations [pdf] 591KB
RFI-003644 Prescribing in Rheumatology [pdf] 295KB
RFI-003649 Contact Details [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003650 Learning Management System [pdf] 313KB
RFI-003651 Contact Details [pdf] 312KB
RFI-003654 Mental Health [pdf] 317KB
RFI-003655 Wrong Route Medication Administration Never Events [pdf] 234KB
RFI-003656 999 Calls [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003657 Fertility LGBT [pdf] 838KB
RFI-003659 Elective Pathway for Over 26 Weeks [pdf] 314KB
RFI-003663 Staff and Agency Information Request 2018/19 FY [pdf] 348KB
RFI-003670 Subject Access Requests [pdf] 424KB
RFI-003673 Intraocular Sodium Hyaluronate Formulations [pdf] 447KB
RFI-003675 Use of Data Integration and Data Analytics Technology [pdf] 316KB
RFI-003676 Data Analytics Capabilities [pdf] 315KB
RFI-003682 Drug Dispensing [pdf] 460KB
RFI-003685 Entyvio Hospital Trusts [pdf] 310KB
RFI-003687 Decontamination [pdf] 242KB
RFI-003688 Inquiry GOP Acceptance [pdf] 309KB
RFI-003691 Epidemiology and Management of Patellofemoral Instability [pdf] 326KB
RFI-003697 Pain Management Waiting Times [pdf] 317KB
RFI-003704 Prescribing in Ophthalmology [pdf] 311KB