February 2019 FOI responses

February 2019 responses

Reference Description
RFI-002767 Asset Valuation Services [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002817 Cancer [pdf] 243KB
RFI-002832 STP Pharmacy Aseptic Services Strategic Business Case [pdf] 277KB
RFI-002837 Overseas Visitors- Maternity Services [pdf] 247KB
RFI-002838 Overseas Visitors Charges [pdf] 191KB
RFI-002853 Buttock Stabbings [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002858 Maternity [pdf] 610KB
RFI-002860 Assault Attendances to Emergency Department 2018 [pdf] 348KB
RFI-002861 Specialist Skin MDTs [pdf] 254KB
RFI-002863 EU Settlement Scheme [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002866 Uniforms [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002868 Genitals [pdf] 287KB
RFI-002869 Spider Bites [pdf] 506KB
RFI-002870 Bed Sores, Pressure Sores and Pressure Ulcers [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002872 Hymenorrhaphy Operations [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002873 NHS Staff Workplace Injuries-Staff Compensation Claims for Slips-Trips-Stress-Bullying [pdf] 318KB
RFI-002877 General Anaesthesia [pdf] 239KB
RFI-002880 Consultants [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002881 Grievences by Trust Staff [pdf] 364KB
RFI-002885 Trainees and Compliance with HEE Guidance [pdf] 240KB
RFI-002890 Adult Emergency and Elective Inpatient [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002892 Medical Records System [pdf] 234KB
RFI-002895 Number of Employees and Volunteers [pdf] 235KB
RFI-002897 Non-Resident On Call Accommodation [pdf] 239KB
RFI-002898 EPR-PAS Systems [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002900 Unfilled Vacancies-Positions and Cancelled Operations-Procedures[pdf] 244KB
RFI-002902 Locum Pay [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002904 GHB Overdoses [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002906 Sexual Health Complaints [pdf] 293KB
RFI-002908 EU Exit Preparation [pdf] 244KB
RFI-002909 End of Life Care Strategy Group- Complaints [pdf] 289KB
RFI-002910 Current Construction Projects [pdf] 317KB
RFI-002912 Procurement Function [pdf] 234KB
RFI-002913 Legal [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002916 Sexual Harrassment [pdf] 286KB
RFI-002917 Insourcing of Clinical Services [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002923 Brexit Planning [pdf] 242KB
RFI-002926 Smoking Cessation [pdf] 243KB
RFI-002928 Computer Assisted Facilities Management System [pdf] 240KB
RFI-002933 Mental Health [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002937 Agenda for Change Agreement Signed by ISS-Mediclean and QEH [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002939 Haemophilia A and B and Von Willebrand Disease [pdf] 374KB
RFI-002943 SOFT FM Services [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002946 MRSA and c. diff [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002947 Availability of NIPT [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002948 Synacthen 250mcg-1ml [pdf] 237KB
RFI-002949 Aseptic Technique [pdf] 241KB
RFI-002950 Nappies [pdf] 238KB
RFI-002960 Weapon Enabled Assault-Assault Resulting in a Wound Admissions [pdf] 252KB
RFI-002964 Claims Against Botched Breast Augmentation-Botched Breast Enlargements [pdf] 236KB
RFI-002975 Employing Counsellors and Psychotherapists [pdf] 237KB