August 2018 FOI responses

August 2018 responses

Reference Description
EIR-002535 Greenways Cycleway, Woolwich Common [pdf] 186KB
EIR-002587 Aluminium Composite Material [pdf] 180KB
RFI-002470 Salary Overpayments [pdf] 189KB
RFI-002485 Agency Staffing [pdf] 188KB
RFI-002494 Translator Costs [pdf] 320KB
RFI-002513 Public Liability Insurers [pdf] 179KB
RFI-002538 CD's for Patient Images [pdf] 185KB
RFI-002550 STI's [pdf] 474KB
RFI-002551 Haemorrhagic Disorders [pdf] 190KB
RFI-002562 Disorders of Sex Development [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002563 Treatment [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002566 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [pdf] 244KB
RFI-002568 Organisation Chart [pdf] 638KB
RFI-002569 Local Area Network (LAN) [pdf] 191KB
RFI-002570 Non-Disclosure Agreement [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002572 Children with Medical Complexities [pdf] 234KB
RFI-002575 Radiology Research [pdf] 278KB
RFI-002578 Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders [pdf] 196KB
RFI-002582 FY1 Rotas [pdf] 283KB
RFI-002583 Staffing [pdf] 233KB
RFI-002586 Renal Unit [pdf] 182KB
RFI-002588 Medical Compression Hosiery [pdf] 181KB
RFI-002592 Tests for Bacterial and Viral Infections [pdf] 182KB
RFI-002598 IT Systems [pdf] 186KB
RFI-002602 Cath Lab-Radiology Nursing Agency Staff [pdf] 183KB
RFI-002606 Mental Health A&E Waiting Times [pdf] 186KB
RFI-002610 Junior Doctors [pdf] 199KB
RFI-002614 Trusts Integration Engine [pdf] 194KB
RFI-002615 Junior Doctor Rotation [pdf] 251KB
RFI-002618 Audiology [pdf] 189KB
RFI-002621 Clinical Staff Turn Over [pdf] 467KB
RFI-002622 Treatment [pdf] 225KB
RFI-002623 Foley Catheter [pdf] 183KB
RFI-002624 Improperly using Messaging Platforms [pdf] 649KB
RFI-002625 Digital Order Communications and Results Reporting [pdf] 185KB
RFI-002626 Continence and Catheterisation [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002632 Digital Observations [pdf] 185KB
RFI-002633 Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration [pdf] 184KB
RFI-002634 Homecare [pdf] 287KB
RFI-002636 Fitness to Practice Proceedings Against Trust Doctors [pdf] 228KB
RFI-002638 Non-Emergency Patient transport (NEPTS) and Secure Patient Transport [pdf] 199KB
RFI-002644 Photographers [pdf] 179KB
RFI-002656 Therapy provision in London Hyperacute Stroke Units (HASU) & Designated Acute Stroke Units (SU) [pdf] 265KB