FOI disclosures April 2022

April 2022 responses

Reference Description
RFI-004907 Accessible Information [pdf] 148KB
RFI-004927 Prostate Cancer [pdf] 144KB
RFI-004951 IT Devices and Software [pdf] 242KB
RFI-004965 Breast Cancer [pdf] 145KB
RFI-004968 Risk Management [pdf] 1MB
RFI-004970 Mattress [pdf] 147KB
RFI-004975 Each Baby Counts [pdf] 142KB
RFI-004978 Overseas Visitors Maternity [pdf] 222KB
RFI-004981 Diagnosis and Treatment of Immune Thrombocytopenia [pdf] 150KB
RFI-004985 Prostate Cancer [pdf] 167KB
RFI-004997 Routine Referrals to Cardiology, Gynaecology and Neurology [pdf] 171KB
RFI-004998 Rostering and Job Planning [pdf] 244KB
RFI-004999 Allied Healthcare Professionals [pdf] 274KB
RFI-005000 Radiology [pdf] 148KB
RFI-005002 Trust’s Private Finance Initiative/Public Private Partnership(“PFIPPP”) Contracts [pdf] 142KB
RFI-005003 Patient Initiated-Follow Up (PIFU) [pdf] 385KB
RFI-005004 Assessment & Treatment Units [pdf] 219KB
RFI-005010 Hospital-Acquired Covid Infections [pdf] 264KB
RFI-005011 Spend on Private Healthcare Insurance [pdf] 137KB
RFI-005012 Asbestos in Premises Owned or Used by the Trust [pdf] 146KB
RFI-005017 Occupational Health Services [pdf] 140KB
RFI-005019 Melanoma [pdf] 143KB
RFI-005022 CQUIN Performance Data [pdf] 139KB
RFI-005025 Gamma Camera (Nuclear Medicine Imaging System) [pdf] 139KB
RFI-005032 Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Monitors [pdf] 138KB
RFI-005034 Contracts [pdf] 139KB
RFI-005038 Ophthalmology [pdf] 144KB
RFI-005041 Procurement and Contracting Department [pdf] 143KB
RFI-005043 Biologic Medications within Dermatology [pdf] 164KB
RFI-005048 Chaplaincy Provision [pdf] 162KB
RFI-005052 Agency Staffing [pdf] 144KB
RFI-005053 Hartmann IV Solution [pdf] 144KB
RFI-005055 Prosthetic Services [pdf] 151KB
RFI-005061 Maternity Procedures [pdf] 140KB