Don't delay getting the treatment you need

We understand that you may be nervous about coming into our hospitals and community sites for treatment, but please be reassured that we are doing everything we can to protect you from Covid-19.

The risks of not having treatment can be higher than the risks of Covid-19.

Our safety measures include:

  • Ensuring that our staff have the right PPE to keep you safe
  • Seeing patients coming in for planned care in dedicated part of our hospitals –  well away from those receiving treatment for Covid-19 
  • Asking everyone who enters our buildings to wear a face covering or surgical mask (unless exempt) – we will provide you with a mask if you don’t have one
  • Installing clear signage within our hospitals to remind people to socially distance.

Watch our video on the steps we have taken to help keep you safe when you visit us:

Visiting our hospitals

When you visit our hospitals you will be asked to:

  • Wear a face covering. If you do not have one, you can ask for a mask at one of the main receptions. Please remember to show confirmation of your appointment
  • Wash your hands 
  • Keep a safe distance from other patients, and from staff where possible
  • Do not bring someone with you for your appointment, unless you need communication and/or mobility support during your visit. Contact the department if you do need assistance.

Depending on where you’re visiting you may also be asked to:

  • Show your appointment confirmation before being allowed to enter our buildings
  • Walk on the left in main corridors
  • Use the stairs rather than the lifts if possible. We’re limiting the number of people using our lifts and prioritising those who need them more such as those with disabilities. 

Some of these measures may mean you need to queue at peak times. While we will minimise this as much as possible please be patient and allow extra time to get to your appointment.

For answers to frequently asked questions please read our  Caring for you safely FAQs [pdf] 361KB

Visiting restrictions

Our visiting restrictions remain in place, but are currently being reviewed in line with the national guidelines.


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I was expecting a date for a hospital appointment but haven’t heard anything – what do I do?

If you think you have an appointment but haven’t received a text or letter, or you think you should have been sent an appointment please contact our outpatients call centre.

  1. Caring for you safely FAQs