Dermatology Services in Lewisham

The department treats patients with acute and chronic skin conditions.

Essential Information


Dermatology Unit
Ground Floor
Pink Zone
Lewisham Hospital

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T: 0208 333 3244

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Who is the service for?

Adults and children with acute and chronic skin conditions.

What services are provided?

  • Routine and urgent reviews of dermatology cases: The Dermatology Department sees a huge variety of conditions from common dermatoses to rare and complex skin conditions
  • Management and treatment of skin cancer: This includes a dedicated weekly skin cancer clinic, skin cancer specialist nurse attendance, and weekly multidisciplinary meeting. In addition, a specialist Joint Dermatology/Facial plastics clinic with Mr D’ Souza, Consultant ENT Surgeon is held weekly for complex facial tumours. Digital Imaging and mole mapping services are available
  • Dermatology Daycare unit is lead by Sister Registe and dermatology staff nurses. Adults and children with chronic diseases including severe eczema and psoriasis are treated daily as well as phototherapy and iontophoresis
  • Weekly paediatric dermatology clinic: This includes nurse led demonstrations of treatment applications and patient education sessions
  • Phototherapy: This includes a weekly phototherapy clinic, PUVA and UVB phototherapy  treatment units
  • Dermatology skin surgery: Including excision biopsies, curettages and shave excisions
  • Complex facial tumour surgery by Mr D’ Souza, performed in Dermatology Department
  • Day-care treatments for complex dermatology conditions
  • Weekly nurse led Acne Clinic
  • Cosmetic camouflage

How can you get a referral?

Patients are referred via their GP. The patient can use choose and book or the practitioner can send a letter directly to the Appointments office.

What else do you need to know?

  • The Dermatology Department is actively involved in undergraduate and post graduate dermatology education . There are two full time dermatology registrars based at Lewisham who are on the South Thames rotation with St Thomas’ Hospital. The dermatology department organises regular GP education meetings. There are also medical students from KCL present in dermatology clinics throughout term time.
  • Please bring a list of any medication/creams you are taking with you.

Why choose the Lewisham Dermatology Service?

  • Dermatology doctors are supported by a team of trained dermatology nurses who treat patients with chronic skin conditions in the Dermatology Unit.
  • Dermatology patients are seen in a dedicated purpose built dermatology unit.
  • There are dedicated weekly skin cancer clinics with dermatologists supported by a plastic surgeon and a skin cancer nurse specialist
  • There is a dedicated weekly paediatric skin clinic supported by dermatology and paediatric nurses.

Key staff


Dr Banerjee, Dr Hoque, Dr Menage, Dr Ross and two dermatology registrars