Dermatology Services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Dermatology is a specialty that investigates and treats all problems of the skin, hair and nails.

Dermatologists also diagnose and remove skin cancers of which there are three main types:

  • basal cell carcinoma (rodent ulcer) which is very common, slow growing and not at all serious
  • squamous cell carcinoma which is less common and in some cases can be more serious
  • malignant melanoma which should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to prevent future problems.

The Dermatology service is provided within a multidisciplinary setting offering a full range of investigation and treatment for patients with skin disorders of all ages.

You can download useful information leaflets from the British Association of Dermatologists.

Other useful resources for detailed information for patients about both common and rare skin diseases are:


Outpatient Department, Ground Floor, Green Zone


You can see a dermatologist only by referral from your General Practitioner. Appointments can be made through the Choose and Book system whereby your GP can make a direct booking with urgency appropriate to your problem. Alternatively your GP can send a letter in to the hospital and the consultants will allocate an appointment assessing the urgency from the details in the GP’s letter. The department tries to keep routine appointment waits at no longer than 8 weeks and urgent appointments within 2 weeks.

If your GP thinks that you may have a malignant melanoma or a squamous carcinoma, you will be referred on the 2 week wait system and be seen within 2 weeks. If your GP is worried about a mole but doesn’t think it is likely to be cancerous you will be seen within 4 weeks in the Pigmented Lesion Clinic.