Anticoagulant Clinic at University Hospital Lewisham

Blood Test

The anticoagulant clinic at University Hospital Lewisham is for patients who require special medication (anticoagulants) to reduce blood clotting.

Patients who have an appointment at the clinic will have their blood tested (via a finger prick) using a special Coagucheck device that provides immediate results.

Specialist software (called ‘RAID’) is then used to determine the correct dose of anticoagulant medication that the patient requires.

This process is managed by a team of doctors, nurses and pharmacists, who are also on hand to provide any advice that patients may need.

The team have close links to the Community Anticogulation Service, and some patients may be able to visit a clinic closer to their home rather than coming to hospital for all their appointments.

Where is the Anticoagulant Clinic located?

The clinic is located in Suite 1 at University Hospital Lewisham.

This can be found in the Purple Zone.

How can you contact the Anticoagulant Clinic?

You can contact the clinic via any of the contact details below:

T: 020 3192 6705
F: 020 8333 3063

When is the clinic open?

The clinic is open Monday to Friday at the following times:

Monday: 13.30 – 15.00
Tuesday: 08.30 – 12.30
Wednesday: 13.30 – 16.30
Thursday: 13.30 – 16.30
Friday: 08.30 – 12.30

What services are provided at the Clinic?

  • Initiation warfarin  and related anticoagulants by a doctor, specialist nurse or pharmacist after initial counselling
  • Dosing of warfarin  and related anticoagulants by a Specialist Nurse or Pharmacist based on immediate testing of  blood obtained by finger pricking
  • Advice  on all aspect of anticoagulation including change to other anticoagulants drugs if necessary
  • Treatment of minor bleeding
  • Cover  (“bridging”) with low molecular weight heparins  in preparation for any  planned surgical procedures  or in the case of significant under-dosage
  • Annual review
  • Telephone line for enquiries during working hours with answer phone facility
  • Referral to Community Anticoagulant Services (4 visit pathway) for  mobile Lewisham borough patients with atrial fibrillation and some other stable conditions
  • Postal dosing service for housebound patients, whose blood is taken by a District Nurse.

How can you get an appointment?

You can get a referral from your GP, or from a hospital specialist (either at University Hospital Lewisham or another hospital).

You will receive a letter inviting you for an appointment once your referral has been processed.

NB Patients need a referral/appointment in order to attend the clinic.

Who are the key staff?

  • The clinic is led by Dr Murugaiyan Thanigaikumar, Consultant Haematologist, who works closely with an Anticoagulant Specialist Nurse, Ms Comfort Lafa and her deputy, Mrs Marian Bonsu, together with a team of senior pharmacists led by Miss Samantha Dickinson and rotational junior doctors. This part of the team provides the dosing service and other clinical aspects of the service
  • Laboratory support is provided by Mr Ian Ford, Chief Biomedical Scientist, and his team of Medical Laboratory Assistants, who provide the finger pricking service
  • Administrative support  is provided by Mrs Sue Vincent in the Anticoagulant  office and by the Suite 1 Receptionists led by Mrs Lou Bushell
  • A Health Care Assistant  helps looks after patients within the clinic

What else do you need to know?

  • Please bring your yellow Oral Anticoagulant Therapy record book with you to the appointment
  • Due to space limitations, we would ask you to keep your appointment times. Please be advised that if you arrive too early for your appointment, you will not be seen until your assigned appointment time slot
  • Please inform the healthcare professional who sees you of any changes in your heath, diet or medications as part of your consultation
  • If you are expecting to be notified of an appointment and do not receive it, please telephone us